Catering Service to be #1 Growth Area This Decade for Multi-Unit Restaurant Operators

Catering In A Multi-Unit Restaurant Environment

Catering Service To Be No.1 Growth Area This Decade For The Multi-Unit Restaurant Industry

I believe the multi-unit restaurant industry is leaving billions of dollars on the table so I outlined a clear solution for food businesses struggling to stay afloat or to grow during the recession in my new book, Get Catering and Grow Sales! A Strategic Perspective for The Multi-Unit Restaurant Executive.

As the CEO of MonkeyMedia Software, a food industry consulting and software company, I have helped my firm’s clients grow their revenue by embracing a catering strategy.
Several of his clients experienced significant growth this past year. Einstein Bagels’ revenue grew by 54% in the past year and Boudin Bakeries increased its annual revenue by 300% in 2010 with Derdick’s help.
“I believe the fastest-growing source of revenue for restaurants will be catering,” asserts Dardick, a serial entrepreneur, “and I have no doubt it will be their most important revenue source during the next decade.”
“It amazes me how few operators do catering well,” states founder Paul Barron in the foreword of Get Catering and Grow Sales!
Catering, which can be supplied to corporations, organizations or private individuals, can include off-premise drop-off catering with or without set-up services or off-premise catering for pick-up. One’s catering strategy may even include altering menu selection, portion sizes, and the creation of a proprietary beverage. Many pitfalls and opportunities await those brands ready to incorporate a catering strategy.

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