Get Catering and Grow Sales!: – A Discussion Series

Ok. Ending the year and thinking back to the many great things that happened in 2011.

Oh…., don’t get me wrong; these great moments are only visible upon reflection. It’s only after the fact that we get to see all the great ones in between. So, seems fitting here as I wrap up my thoughts. An ending of a year is Just a beginning of another.

So… On page 138 of my recent book, Get Catering and Grow Sales, I listed my commitment to the following 19 discussion papers, each 3 or 4 pages.

* our margins in our catering operations
* increasing our catering order volume and frequency
* further defining the service script
* managing order size
* understanding the implicit costs oh catering
* the cost of distribution
* understanding the explicit costs of catering
* streamlining operations
* planning catering production
*. Ensuring product quality and proper food handling
* procedures for handling the dynamics of order changes
* watch for competing resources and what to do when that happens.
* marketing tactics and strategies for catering
* allocating labour to our catering operations
* managing internal Catering politics as the develop – keeping it all on track
* compensation and bonus plans for catering.
* centralization strategies
* how to perfect deliveries
* defining a catering vision and customer experience.

Ok. There. I started. Maybe I’ll make one of those polls and ask 5000 people what they’d like me to attack first.

Or, maybe I’ll just decide.

Looking Forward!!

2 thoughts on “Get Catering and Grow Sales!: – A Discussion Series

    1. Thanks Doug! I am glad you enjoyed my first book. I am planning to publish these essays this year, however, it is a work in process. In the meantime, I would be happy to chat on the phone anytime about these questions if you think it will help you. I know, it would certainly help me to help you! I can be reached anytime at and we can exchange times that work for a call. Thank you for your enthusiasm.

      Where did you order your copy of Get Catering and Grow Sales from?

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