6 thoughts on “Fast Casual Catering: Increase in Sales Speaks to Execution, Menu Trends and Easing of Corporate Coffers

  1. Erle,
    Nice article on menu trends. We too are seeing a trend toward healthy at our Bistro Eat.Drink.Connect Fast casual. It was amazing to see the positive customer reaction when we were the first to post calories on all menus across our portfolio several years before mandated requirements to do so. Customers simply appreciate quality healthy choices.
    -Lon Southerland
    Sr. Director Global F&B
    Marriott International

    • Thanks for the kind comments Lon. I get to see a lot of companies these days, and I think it won’t be long before we see a blending of QSR and Fast Casual. It will be very interesting to see which brands end up adjusting. I guess the consumers are speaking clearly to our industry.

      • I agree 110%! Even quick service restaurants have attempted to compete with their fast casual counterparts, upgrading their interior designs and menus to reflect a higher quality experience for the guests. There is a long list across the spectrum; McDonalds trading toward Fast Casual and LeMadelene launching a smaller Fast Casual focused concept.

      • Excellent Discussion Lon! Thanks for continuing the debate.

  2. Looks good to me also! Thanks for posting the article!

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