I’ve got To write 19 discussion papers! Please tell me your primary interest?

Ok…. I did commit to writing 19 more discussion papers to expand more on the concepts that I put forward in Get Catering and Grow Sales!

I’ve really got to get going; but, I really want to deliver these in a way that is interesting to others. Please let me know your thoughts by taking this poll on what topics are most important to you. I’ll leave this poll up for one week. (Friday, January 20, 2012).

Thanks for helping

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3 thoughts on “I’ve got To write 19 discussion papers! Please tell me your primary interest?

  1. Joe Abuso says:

    I love what you’re doing Erle! If there’s anyway I can help, just let me know. After selling my catering co. after so many years of running it, I still miss the business. Consulting is good (and easier!) but, once in a while, I still miss doing events.

    All the best,

    Joe Abuso

    • Wow! Thanks so much Joe… The feedback is so appreciated. Give me a call offline anytime and lets chat about what opportunities there are. I’d love to have you contribute as an author specific to the event catering side of things if you are interested. Just contact me at erle@monkeymediasoftware.com.

    • Thanks for the generous comments Joe. I added you to my blogroll on my wordpress site. If you’d like to connect about how you can help with full service event catering, I’d be happy to chat about that. It’s a whole business on its own as you know. You own that space. A world expert from what I hear. Congratulations on your success.

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