Bennigan’s is Coming Back! Mission Possible Is Here.

Congratulations to Paul Mangiamele for breathing life back into his franchisee community. I have been fortunate to get the opportunity to watch an absolute master at work! Paul is a great leader.

As I have been attending the Bennigan’s conference this week, (the first in 5 years), it is amazing to see such passion and a deep set of core values. What a stand up group.

I love a great turn around! And this is one to watch. You’ll see. Do me a favour, go into a Bennigan’s and talk to a franchisee that was at the conference. Nothing but excitement here!

Get Catering and Grow Sales! – That’s what’s going to help change the economics. This group really gets it.

Bennigan's Catering is going to be Legendary. Chicago first!

I am rooting for this group. They deserve to win! Paul “Bleeds Green from his Eyeballs!” – Quote by Paul Mangiamele, January 16, 2012.

A Turnaround Master - Listen and Learn
My eyes are wide open listening to this great leader

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