The CEO that kicked my butt this week!

I woke up today feeling so grateful to one very important CEO in our community (he will remain nameless). Why am I grateful? Because he took the time to read my book and dove deep into a conversation with me.

He was gentle, professional and kind in his approach. However, He went out of his way to tell me that he really loves the work we are doing and because of that, he cares enough to challenge my organization on our business logic and premise that we have put forward in my new book.

His focus was that although he appreciates the passion and enthusiasm we have in our space, he felt that we needed to do more work on the data to substantiate our claims, in my book Get Catering and Grow Sales!


He was sincere, tough and firm and in no way, shape or form was he going let me off the hook. He kicked my butt! And boy, did I need it.

We all need direction as business people. We all need our compasses and we all need to listen to what other really smart people tell us. But it takes more.

To really perform, to really succeed, we MUST take action to satisfy CEO’s like this man! I have made it my personal mission for 2012 to not only satisfy this great leader’s hunger for more data, but I pledge to slam dunk this needed data for our whole industry. I have started that ball.

So, to this great man, I want to say thank you for helping to keep the conversation alive. More importantly, thank you for caring enough to kick us in the rear so that we can be better in the end.

I am forever grateful. Hey, CEO Man, thanks for caring enough to kick my butt!


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