$3000 of Catering Sales before 11am!

It’s so amazing to watch like minded people execute a business strategy you both agree on! I guess that’s why we do business with those we are aligned with.

Last week, as I was visiting customers in the field, I was blown away by the execution of more than $3000 of catering orders before 11am.

They were masters! I felt like I was watching a “catering symphony”. There was a conductor and an ensemble of 4 other instrumentalists.



What’s so fantastic here is the passion, the energy and the high expectation of flawless execution that resonated through the one location. Thing is, this client has 120 of these locations.

I intend on visiting all of them soon. What amazing leadership this client has in place. Their catering operation is slick! And fine tuned.

The attitudes are superb and they are celebrating success every single day. This is a well oiled catering machine and because of that, they are owning their markets, in catering.

Strategically aligned, well defined and an investment into education and systems.

Sound familiar?

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