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Restaurants Ready

Restaurants ready to help diners keep their healthier-eating resolutions

It’s time again for the January Effect — that brief but intense interest in healthier eating that always sweeps the country this time of year.

In case you haven’t noticed, restaurants everywhere are introducing new menu items with fewer calories, less fat or reduced sugar.

The press releases and ads began piling up like a snowdrift in my inbox as soon as Christmas was over.

Among them was one from Pei Wei — the quick-serve little sister of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro — touting a new “stock velveted” option for its chicken dishes, which significantly reduces their fat content. For seven of the dishes, the fat reduction is 30% or more.

“Instead of wok-seared using our soybean oil,” the ad says, “we steam the tender chicken in our vegetable stock seasoned with onions and ginger.”

For the Caramel Chicken, the velveted…

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