Using Video as A Tool inside your business – External and Internal

It’s been three years since I started using video as a medium for MonkeyMedia Software. You can find many of them on our Youtube Channel.

As many of our friends know, we love video at Monkey. But, like every asset and project, there are always ones that end up being lost in the noise. So, I thought I would put a couple up here, just for memory sake.
The one I like most, of my videos, for the purposes it was designed for, is this one:

That video was one of my first ones. It was fun and new. But, like anything, doing video is an iterative process. You need to just chip away at ideas, day in and day out. By doing that, the good ones stick to the wall.

Once I got the “video bug”, we started using it in our service work. Trade shows, franchise conventions, strategy sessions. By far, the one that was the most fun last year, is the same one that has more than 25,000 views! We are proud of that! Just shows you, people just want to have clean fun; all the other stuff is just small stuff. Good lesson for us in this result:

We are using video for our clients now. As part of our strategy services, we have been making relevant and focused videos for our customers to capture their catering vision, culture and passion. Our customers then use it for internal marketing purposes, to get the catering message out to their troops. From there, training and systems take into effect, and off they go down the path of catering success.

I share this with you, because it has been extremely powerful. Feel free to use the idea in your business. Video is the way to go in all parts of your business.

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