Rob Grimes – A Leader and Visionary for Technology in Foodservice


Next week in Miami, our industry’s best technology companies will be gathering for the resurgence of FSTEC NexGen from September 9th to 12th.

I am really looking forward to this conference.  My reasons are personal.  But I’ll save that detail for later in this post.

This year, the roster is impressive. The topics are relevant, thoughtful and objective.

How could you go wrong with an advisory board that includes the likes of Jeff Chasney (CKE Restaurants), Amy Cross (Aramark), Lori Kittle (Landry Restaurants), Kelly Maddern (Burger King), Patty Reilly White (Darden), Steve Schell (Starbucks), Shell Theiss (Papa John’s), Don Vietti (Carlson Worldwide), Rob Watkins (Compass Group), David Weick (McDonald’s), Don Zimmerman (Wendy’s), Ron Blum (Johnson Wales University), Cihan Cobanoglu (University of South Florida), Fred DeMicco (University of Deleware), Mehmet Erdhem (UNLV), Joe Finizio (RSPA), Cathy Hotka (Hotka and Associates), Mike Jarvis (Chain Store Guide), Mike Kasavana (Michigan State), Alan Liddle (NRN), Pete Nyheim (Penn State), Ron Paul (Technomic), Peter Romeo (VP Content Services CSPnet), and Greg Sanders (QSR Magazine).

What a great, smart and amazing group of people.

This conference is all made possible by a very important man in our community.  His name?  Rob Grimes.

Rob is a visionary.  A true leader.  Sure, he’s had his “ups and downs”.  But what amazing leader hasn’t?  I know I’ve had mine!

Rob’s dedication to our industry is not to be taken for granted.  He builds communities, pushes innovation and works hard to bring high quality technology practices into our community.

Rob, I want to thank you this year on behalf of the entire technology community for working so hard to bring your FSTEC vision back to life.  I look forward to seeing you in Miami.

Oh, don’t let me forget the “personal reason”.  About 7 years ago, as MonkeyMedia Software was growing out of my deli, I attended the NRA in Chicago.  On that trip, I heard about a dinner that was being hosted by Rob Grimes called the FSTEC Dinner.  At that time, my company was small and under the radar.  With typical entrepreneurial style, I snuck into the dinner!  Rob was kind and although I was not supposed to be there, he cut me some slack.  Rob, I am grateful for that opportunity.  Thank you for not kicking me out on the curb!

Today, MonkeyMedia Software is proud to be an exhibitor and supporter of Rob’s vision.  Our company has grown ten fold in the last 7 years and we need these venues to make ourselves better.  If we are to be global leaders for technology in the space where our customers “Feed their customers where they Live, Work & Play”, we need guidance from true professionals like Rob.

Rob, thanks for all you do!  See you next week!  If you are reading this, and you can make your way to Miami for this conference, I think it would be a great investment to help stay on top of the latest technology toys to help you grow your business.


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