Sitting in a Quiet Catering Space – An Invitation to Chat

Well, it’s Friday today.  It’s been another busy week and I feel like I am just coming up for air.  So, this got me thinking.  If it’s too noisy, I just can’t hear anything at all.  I can’t focus.  So, I took some quiet time for myself to think about my own business at MonkeyMedia Software.  So, as I did that, it gave me an idea.  Here it is.

I invite you to sit with me quietly in your brand’s ‘catering space. It begins in our imaginations.  No office noise, no interruptions.

Imagine what the catering channel can do for your business, both in the immediate sense and in the long term. Focus on how we get your brand to achieve up to $1,000 per day in incremental catering sales, for each one of your stores that does catering, in locations where catering makes sense. So, if you have 100 restaurants, I’d like to chat with you about an opportunity that is worth $100,000 per day, Monday to Friday.  Don’t ask me, just ask Willy and Brenda!

Don’t get stuck on the ‘why nots’ at this point and time. There is time later to address that.

In this quiet space, I want to discuss the subtleties and potential pitfalls of what you might expect to come across as you scale these ideas throughout your existing infrastructure.

Once you feel that you can imagine the big-picture opportunity for your brand, ignoring the details of how for the moment, we can discuss the subtleties and considerations, and make the strategic decision of whether or not your brand should service the catering revenue channel.

Once you begin to get comfortable with the potential of the concept, you will be in a position to make the right decision for your brand as well as understand the commitment required for you to succeed in this market.

Ok… back to all the noise now… phones ringing, problems with orders, customers complaining, marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to take some time with me to discuss your brand’s catering strategy, just reach out and call.  But, let’s make some quiet space to really focus in on the opportunity.

My cell is 604-831-7422.  Call anytime!  Enjoy your weekend!

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