Get Catering and Grow Sales! – ’tis the season

I love this time of year in Vancouver. The season’s change. I love it the way the sun warms us up for the day before setting the stage for tomorrow’s morning dew.

Of course, soon it will rain. And while that’s not something to look forward to, we have to be grateful for the lush greens of British Columbia.

This time of year also brings us into the Q4 celebrations. Gatherings. Occasion based feeding. So, you can imagine why I love this time of year!

A customer of ours this week told me that if not for their catering performance across hundreds of restaurants, they’d be out of business. Catering IS changing their economics. Huge growth! The strategy is working beautifully.

Their customers are coming back for more.

We have another customer with more than 800 stores who also called this week. Their little catering side business is growing so fast, I’ve got to get on a plane ASAP and chat with them more on what the strategy should look like.

Here is a photo of our donation to No Kid Hungry from the sales of my book, Get Catering and Grow Sales.


Since this photo in May, we have raised another $5000.

I’d like to see our donations reach $100,000, but I can’t do it alone.

Imagine that my book can be worthy enough to not only help with community strategy, but at the same time contribute towards ending childhood hunger while growing my own company, MonkeyMedia Software.

For all restaurateurs, if you are serious about capturing your share of off premise demand, order some copies for your team! It’s a win/win all the way around.

For all you suppliers out there, help your customers make more money! Buy them some copies to help give them visibility into a perspective that not only is good for them, but will also be good for you.

Thanks for your support. Copies are available on Kindle, iTunes and is available in English and Spanish.

Just drop me a line or order some up!

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