A film for anyone that has ever eaten at, worked in or run a restaurant! – Back To Basics

I’m getting ready for a two week road trip for my real job.  As CEO of MonkeyMedia Software.

Road trips are always tough, but worth it.  I get to work with our clients which is what I enjoy most in my professional life.  Fixing and improving businesses.  In my case, I use the strategy of off premise catering as my toolbox to help our clients.

But, that’s not why I am so excited.  No.

What has really got me excited, are the wonderful developments of our Documentary Film, Back to Basics.  The project is fantastic, the people are amazing and the vision is coming together beautifully.  I am not going to explain in this blog post.  But, I am posting a “DRAFT” of the film prospectus below.

It’s close to final, but I left it as a “DRAFT”, because every day, something new and exciting is happening with this project.  But, I can’t say more, YET!  Stay tuned and drop me a line when you read the prospectus here and let me know your thoughts.

This project is close to my heart, and based on where it is today, I am pinching myself!  Anything is possible!!! You just have to put your mind to it.  Thank you to everyone who is supporting this project.  Read the film prospectus by clicking on the link below.

Back To Basis Prospectus


Safe Travels!

6 thoughts on “A film for anyone that has ever eaten at, worked in or run a restaurant! – Back To Basics

  1. Most all of us in the Food & Beverage industry shall welcome and embrace such an undertaking. But we’ve been down this road before with the NRA wanting to raise money for a more than worth cause. Still disillusionment looms based on their past performance of “helping”. With $632 Billion in sales. 970,000 locations and 12.9 million people…#2 private sector employer in the U.S.AAAAA… Respectfully, Dawn Sweeney has a strong insurance background… for chr*st sake… why haven’t they offered a ground zero medical insurance coverage program for the multitude that work in the kitchens? That might be a good start! Show us, don’t tell us… we understand the basics better than you might think.

    1. Thanks for your note Penelope. Well, certainly there are many issues facing us. This project was my inspiration to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of our front line workers. MonkeyMedia Software is making the film and it is being donated to NRAEF as a vocational tool.

      I have no doubt that Dawn has many challenges in front of her, however, from the people I have met at NRA, I find them to be hard working and decent professionals.

      When you are leading an organization in an industry this large, I imagine it is tough to please all constituents.

      That being said, I have no doubt that the issues you raise are real and relevant. You clearly understand the basics and have some clear ideas on the needs of operators. With your permission, I’d like to forward this thread to NRA on your behalf. Let me know.

      1. Erie, first and foremost as noted in my comment we welcome and embrace such endeavors and surely no one would wish to discount the likes of such. Pass it along as you deem appropriate. I’m happy to continue posting to support your efforts.

        Measuring the metric impact will be of great interest, since most of us are focusing on capturing customer satisfaction/customer loyalty. As new regs, taxes, etc., kick in amd as the noose tightens, we are all deeply concerned about ‘holding on’ and sincerely hope we will be able to grow. Doubtful, dubious as we are… for now we will think the glass half full.

        Wishing you continued success in your endeavors,
        Cheers, Pen

  2. This looks REALLY interesting. However, I’m unable to open it (my internet is slow to download). Am wondering if this pdf has been saved in an optimized format so it’s faster loading for web? It will enable more to view it, plus keep the attention of those less patient. Thanks!

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