Professional Delivery Bikes – For Urban Restaurant Catering Deliveries

I’m always looking for cool restaurant catering ideas.

After all, at the MMS Catering Institute where we support MonkeyMedia Software with the implementation of MonkeyCatering, it’s world class restaurant catering technology, we have an obligation to share business improvement ideas with the 4000 restaurants currently using MonkeyCatering to increase sales and improve operations, when it comes to catering.

Our customers tell us that managing the logistics of deliveries can be challenging in these times of urban vehicle congestion. Not to mention the fact that acquiring typical delivery vans can be capital intensive and expensive to maintain.

In comes “Cargo Delivery Bikes”. I found these really cool products at one of our community trade shows. Here is a video that shows some options.

I spoke to the company’s representatives, and of course the cargo box can also be retro-fitted with shelving, coolers and hotboxes. The bikes are electric to help your catering delivery coordinators up hills as well. The cargo boxes themselves can be branded with your catering messages.

While this vehicle is not good for all catering deliveries out of restaurants, especially in rural communities, I can certainly see the benefits of using this kind of technology in congested urban centres. Lot’s of benefits to consider including savings on insurance, parking, fuel, repairs and good community marketing.

Get your company one to try out today!


4 thoughts on “Professional Delivery Bikes – For Urban Restaurant Catering Deliveries

  1. Good Afternoon Erle,

    Can you elaborate on how this company is insuring their employees on the bikes? We actually purchased one about 2 years ago and found that it is a major liability if an injury was to occur. The bike manufacturer told us that our insurance would cover the rider and does not go on your auto insurance. We later learned that it would be a work comp claim and our insurance provider told us that bikes are not covered. They acknowledged that they would cover the first accident but would most likely drop us after the claim. This would send us to State fund with a significant increase. We have since tried many other policies including Lloyds and nobody will insurance bikes for deliveries.

    Needless to say the bike sits in front of one of our stores as a promo for delivery but nobody rides it.

    I look forward to meeting you in person in a few weeks at the leadership conference in Phoenix.


    ADAM G Manhattan Beach Redondo Beach Marina Del Rey Westlake Village Calabasas Beverly Hills Brentwood Santa Monica

    1. Adam: Thank you for your note. I am going to dig in deeper on this subject.

      As I understand it now, you should be able to get coverage if required for Food Delivery Insurance. There should be coverage for bicycles and motorized mopeds for any bike under 125cc’s. Policies should be able to cover Third Party Only to good drivers.

      Saying that, I will dig in more. See you at RLC.

  2. Well done my friend. How about putting Institute in your mask head. Bike is really cool. I road one when I was working in South America. Very popular!

    Tom Feltenstein Sent from my iPad

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