Box Lunch Business? Think Volume

I’m just on my way home from a fantastic week on the road, working on MonkeyMedia Software and our Catering Institute!  I really enjoyed my time at the Restaurant Leadership Conference in Scottsdale and then a fantastic visit with a 500 unit restaurant chain where my team and I focused on helping them with their catering operations for both their corporate stores and their franchisees.

I was happy that my presentation at RLC was so well attended.  So many people gave me fantastic feedback.  This is what I love about my work.  Inspiring others to try something that they may not have tried before.  Helping them to think outside their box, and perhaps give them a little something to hold onto.  It’s even better when they apply the business strategy to their own restaurants and it works!

When I woke up this morning, there was a fantastic article published on my talk on  What a nice surprise.

Like any business, the strategy that you take to market is critical to your success.  Once you move forward, you become path dependent.  It’s tough to shift gears.  Not impossible, but tough.  This got me thinking about the box lunch business out of restaurant operations.

The box lunch business, in my opinion, is a “business within a business”.  It requires a manufacturing mentality, to really be successful.  Think volume!

As restaurateurs we have so many things to consider.  When it comes to catering out of our restaurants, we are not like other caterers.  We’ve got our own challenges.  Different than theirs.  Because we are layering catering on top of existing restaurant infrastructure, we have to consider our operations very carefully.

If you are going to be in the box lunch business, think about volume.  For all your other catering orders, try platters.  Your operations team will thank you for that strategic decision!

Enjoy your weekend.


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