Order Execution – A key enabler for successful restaurant catering

This year, I am celebrating the beginning of my 16th year at MonkeyMedia Software.  As an entrepreneur, I am pretty much “path dependent” on my journey at this point.  For better or for worse.  It’s not impossible to shift gears, but at my age, it’s logistically challenging.  Just like catering out of restaurants.  Logistically challenging.  Don’t get me wrong;  I am not looking to change careers!  No Way!  I’ve got way to much learning to do and everywhere I go, all I see is opportunity for the US restaurant industry’s catering channel.  I absolutely love this business!  I see a $100 Billion dollar business out there.  It’s out there, but we HAVE to execute!

To keep myself interested every day, I am always looking for “shiny new objects”.  Well, according to my friend and colleague, Fred LeFranc, from Results Through Strategy, I can’t help myself. ” It’s classic entrepreneurial behaviour “, he tells me.  Oh, and by the way, those of you who might be looking for a great strategist, call Fred.  He’s doing great work for some our restaurant community’s best known brands.  So today, I will celebrate this part of me.  The part that can’t stop innovating.  Can’t stop imagining.  Can’t stop hoping.  It’s just that I feel SO certain!  Some days I feel like a child in a candy store.  I have to choose carefully or I will end up with a stomach ache!

As the founder of the MMS Catering Institute, it’s my job to document a business model for catering out of restaurants, that is predictable, scalable and repeatable.  I spend hours thinking about it, days writing about it, and weeks working in the field with my customers.  Customers like you.  Restaurant operators just trying to survive day to day.

I have learned that one of the key enabler’s for successful catering out of restaurant operations is “order execution”.  Too many of us fail at this.  Why?  Because logistics are complicated.  Logistics matter.  Like all industries, we can learn from others.  And so, I found this fantastic video that really shows the logistics execution of Airline Catering Operations.  It’s impressive, to say the least.

There are many takeaways for us as restaurant catering experts from this video.  I’d like to hear your thoughts on what you take away from the video.

Drop me a line.  Let’s talk Catering!

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