Le Boulanger – World Class Restaurant Catering

I just got back from a month of travel in Israel, Greece and Turkey.  What a wonderful time I had.  I was trying to think of a thoughtful post to put forward.  Something special.

The truth is, I am still debriefing from my travels and so I will save my post holiday enthusiasm for another post.

For today, I thought I’d just share with you a case study that my team prepared while I was away.  I think it speaks volumes to the work we are doing at MonkeyMedia Software.  We are lucky to have great customers like Le Boulanger.

If you are looking for some great technology to help you ramp up and control your restaurant catering operations, give my team a call.  They are waiting for the opportunity!


Let’s talk catering!

4 thoughts on “Le Boulanger – World Class Restaurant Catering

  1. Technology in catering sounds really good. Caters are the real heroes of events like wedding, birthday parties. Because, no party is complete without good food. Catering is a blessing for foodies. Some technology like this would be advantageous for catering industry.

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