Catering Tip #3 – Pricing your restaurant catering menu

I often have restaurant operators asking me about how to manage their menus.  At the MMS Catering Institute we believe that catering out of restaurants is a separate business;  a business unto its own.

When it comes to menu pricing, I’d like to put forward the following recommendation.  Check you this video for my perspective.


2 thoughts on “Catering Tip #3 – Pricing your restaurant catering menu

  1. Erle, Great advice! Everyone automatically thinks that they have to lower their price because we’ve been programmed that when volume increases the price per unit gets lower. Catering is a different kettle of fish. Being known as the lowest priced, budget caterer in town is detrimental to building your catering business. People are proud to shout to everyone that they hired the best caterer but they are ashamed and try to conceal the fact that they hired the cheapest caterer. You need word of mouth to build up a catering business thus promoting how special and over the top your services are instead of engaging in price wars with your competitors is a much better way to grow.

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