The Importance of Employee Training To Boost Catering Sales

My passion has always been about the people.  Nothing makes me happier than training restaurant employees to do more catering.  It’s the work we are focused on at The Catering Institute.

I believe that the only way to really impact sales in a positive way is through ongoing development and training.  I was doing research on the importance of training and found this video.  Thought I’d share it here.

Through my travels as the CEO and Founder at MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute and Catering Insights, I have come to learn that it really is about the people.

Want to get more catering sales?  Invest in your people.  Send them to a Catering Sales Management Workshop in Dallas this October.

Certainly, you will yield results.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Employee Training To Boost Catering Sales

  1. Good video Erle. A very important message, simply told. We had many debates at Tims about what was more important….. the employee or the guest. Clearly there they are both critical, but I have increasingly come to believe, that it is the employee that comes first. If we as leaders look after, nuture, feed them and allow them to grow they will, in turn, look after the guests.

    I trust all continues to go well.

    All the best,

    Roland Walton

    1. Hi Roland. Thank you for sharing your perspective. As one of the great leaders of one of Canada’s most Iconic brands, it is refreshing to hear your ideas around training and employee development. The internal customer is so important. It’s amazing how much we short change ourselves as organizations by not simply investing more in our people. They are our messengers.

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