10 Days left to Register for our Restaurant Catering Leadership Workshop

https_proxyOnly 10 Days to go until 125 restaurant operators converge on New Orleans for 2 days of conversation, consideration and networking.  On March 9 & 10, 2016 we will kickoff our Restaurant Catering Leadership Workshop in New Orleans.

Join us along with many of the great brands you know and love to learn about the 5 Pillars of Successful Restaurant Catering and supercharge your takeout, delivery and catering sales!

Register at the link below:







One thought on “10 Days left to Register for our Restaurant Catering Leadership Workshop

  1. michaelrosman says:

    Hi Erie,

    I have received your emails for a while and contacting you has been on my to-do list. If you’d like, perhaps we can connect on the phone a some point and see if perhaps we can help each others businesses. I’ve have a couple / few very successful affiliate situations and am always on the lookout for quality people to explore options with.

    It sounds like you will be busy with your upcoming workshop. (I’d actually like to go – but its a busy time for me also, I’ll be speaking at a catering conference in Tennessee next week and at Catersource in Las Vegas the following week)

    If you’d like to arrange a day to talk later this month – I’m game! Just let me know,

    Thanks. Erie.

    -Michael http://www.TheCorporateCaterer.com

    Michael Rosman http://www.thecorporatecaterer.com michael@thecorporatecaterer.com 781-589-2394 (Cell) 781-641-3303 (Business Office)


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