Summer Sales Tactics: Catering to the Education Sector

Hi folks,

We’re still winding down from what was our most successful Restaurant Takeout, Delivery and Catering Symposium yet. Amazing results in Denver! I’m extremely proud of my team at Off-Premise Insights, The Catering Institute, and MonkeyMedia Software.

As we look forward, our Catering Institute VP Tracy Avolio already has her eyes fixed on a hot sales opportunity for restaurants: the education sector. There’s a massive opportunity here for restaurants this summer. Here’s how it works.

Classes may be done for the season, but all through the summer months educational administrators, athletic departments, and campus organizations are hard at work planning for the coming school year. This is your opportunity to develop year-round sales relationships within the massive and lucrative education sector.

Tracy Avolio of the Catering Institute is a ‘restaurant lifer’ and an off-premise pro. She’s thought a lot about how to crack the education sector, and her number one tip for the school system market is that timing is everything. With educational administrators now in relaxed planning mode, summer is prime time.

There are limitless catering opportunities within every institution, including:

  • Campus events: orientations, club, and tours, sororities and fraternities.
  • Clubs: performing arts, rehearsals, student government, recreational, cultural, academic, and on and on.
  • Offices and departments: academics, admissions, housing, administration
  • Athletic departments

Now is a great time to jump on a sales opportunity that will generate revenue all year round. The education train never stops, and now is when educators have time to listen.

The Catering Institute has a Summer Sales Tactics Webinar coming up on Wednesday July 18, led by the engaging Tracy Avolio. If you’re thinking about cracking the educational market for high-reward catering sales, you won’t want to miss it:

Register here.

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