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I feel very fortunate in my career to have been given the opportunity to focus in on a single transformative idea for the food business. I am focused on writing more material for the Multi-Unit Restaurant Community, as it relates to growing catering sales on top of our existing assets.

To learn more about my first book, please click here. Get Catering and Grow Sales! – A Strategic Perspective for the Multi-Unit Restaurant Executive

Please click on the links below to download.

Book: Get Catering Grow Sales



Growing Restaurant Catering Sales in a Franchise Ecosystem

The franchise model is a common occurrence in the fast casual and quick-service restaurant industry, and it is important to maintain positive relationships between franchisors and franchisees to ensure successful growth of catering sales, and a partnership that can benefit both parties.

Is Your Catering Experience Scalable and Predictable?

Scalability is an important component of the restaurant industry. Many restaurateurs want to ensure that their off-premise catering program is going to make it easy to grow as they open additional restaurants and franchises.

Culture Trumps Strategy: What I Learned from Ben & Jerry’s

A discussion on the value of a strong business culture, and how it can lead to a passion and focus among employees when it comes to sticking to core values.

Five Points of Competitive Differentiation for Catering in QSR

Five points of competitive differentiation within the QSR catering segment that will provide a serious advantage to operators who want to pursue catering as a valid business strategy.

Five Ways to Grow Your Off-Premise Catering Sales

There are five pillars required to grow and leverage any successful restaurant catering operation, whether a brand has one location or thousands of locations across the nation, or
even the world.

Menu Development in a Multi-Unit Restaurant Catering Operation

The catering experience begins with menu development, including R&D in production, packaging and distribution methodologies. To create differentiation in services, menus for catering need to be different to restaurant menus.

Five Best Practices of POS Integration

A guest essay, written by James Lux, VP of IT for Boloco, provides five best practices to help streamline integration and communication with new software initiatives.

Why Servant Leadership is Crucial For A Successful Restaurant Catering Program

Without the support structure in place at the highest level of your organization, mid-level managers and front-line employees at the store-level will have a hard time carrying out the mission of your catering strategy.

Ten Ways To Build Your Restaurant Catering Program

Growing catering revenues requires professional business-to-business selling skills. Getting the word out about a catering program can be a difficult task, but if done correctly, a specific catering message will be used in every area of the business.

Why Pizzerias Are Positioned To Win BIG At Catering

Erle discusses the pizza segment of the restaurant industry and how operators already understand the subtleties of successful product distribution.

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