End Childhood Hunger – Raise $100K

I am a big believer in community. I LOVE serving the foodservice community and support the following efforts:

1. I am donating all of the net proceeds of my book, Get Catering and Grow Sales – A Strategic Perspective for the Multi-Unit Restaurant Executive to Share Our Strength My goal is to raise $100,000 towards ending childhood hunger. The book is available at the following sites:

MonkeyMedia Software
Barnes and Noble

The book is available in English, Spanish, English Audio, Spanish Audio, Kindle English and Kindle Spanish. Please order Audio Books Directly: here

2. I enjoy lectures, seminars and speaking engagements and do them free of charge for all educational institutions. I have been a guest lecturer at Culinary Schools, University Business Schools, Hospitality Schools and Colleges. Please contact me for any academic engagements.

May 7, 2012 – Bennigan’ Chicago

Very proud of our first donation to Share Our Strength last night at our NRA party.  Jim Vinz, thank you for for accepting our donation on behalf of SOS.

Mo Asgari (President MonkeyMedia Software), Jim Vinz (CEO, LeDuff America), Erle Dardick (CEO, MonkeyMedia Software

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