A Passion for Food!

” A Meal without wine is like a day without sunshine”

These are the words of Francesco Secchi, the owner of Ferrari’s Italian Villa .

This is a man with passion! The experience special. So much care! So much wonder!

Here he is working tableside.


Francesco was classically trained at the Culinary School of Italy in 1962. He was born in Sardenia, trained in Switzerland, Austria, France and England.

This man is so good at what he does. He was the inspiration of Inigo Restaurant near Covent Gardens from 1967-1970 where he served the Beattles and the Queen. He moved on to Cruise ships where he learned the art of table side cooking.

Francesco met his wife while cruising and read a funny article about Texas. He came to Dallas in 1981, and met JR! He stayed in Dallas and has been going ever since.

Today, his whole family works in the family business.

I admire his passion, his flare and his attention to detail. He talks to you like an old friend and has perfected the art of expressing himself by moving his eyebrows This is a truly inspiring man! I feel honored to have experienced his flavor for life and his love for food.

Thank you Francesco! What a treat to have met you!