Paul Mangiamele – A Magician and A Leader!

I love working with Paul and his team at Bennigan’s! Not only are they enthusiastic, but they are thoughtful, generous and hard working. Each and every one of them. An amazing group of people with focus and passion.

Paul has a lot on his plate these days. Aligning his organization, servicing franchisees, doing his best to make it all come together.

I know from experience. Turning around a brand and then growing it again takes a very special kind of heart, soul and attitude. Attitude! The right kind of attitude. Thick skin. Tough chin. And a never ending drive to succeed.

I have been watching Paul and his team for the last year, systematically attacking every aspect of the Bennigan’s operation. Not only are they solving real business issues, but the innovation coming out of this group is nothing short of fantastic! New ideas, new initiatives, new everything! And the pace is furious.

You might think I am being partial because I have a vested interest in the Bennigan’s success story as their catering solutions partner. However, it is not that way. I would tell you honestly if they were failing.

So, it is with sincerity that I write this; I mean it. Paul is a Magician. And his team is growing, they are flourishing as individuals. I am watching with my own eyes as he is winning people over. One by one. Yes, the people. If I were a betting man, I’d bet on this team any day.

The reason this is happening is because the results are shining through. True results! He knows his business and it is amazing to watch him do his magic on the Bennigan’s Brand. It just comes down as a lesson to all of us. It’s all about being a good operator. It’s doing the little things every single day. So, to all of you out there…. Roll up your sleeves and find what inspires you. But remember to look after everyone on the way… they will serve you well if you do! Just ask Paul.

Paul, thank you for giving me permission to share this Video regarding your catering vision. It’s a beautiful thing and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work on your catering business with you. The video came out well, because of the deep belief system your team has and the generosity and trust that you have afforded my team to provide you with services; including the making of this video.

You just can’t capture this kind of culture unless it is real. Job well done! For those of you that have not tried it yet, order catering from Bennigan’s in Chicago to get a flavour of what is ahead for this brand. We’re just getting started!

Bennigan’s is Coming Back! Mission Possible Is Here.

Congratulations to Paul Mangiamele for breathing life back into his franchisee community. I have been fortunate to get the opportunity to watch an absolute master at work! Paul is a great leader.

As I have been attending the Bennigan’s conference this week, (the first in 5 years), it is amazing to see such passion and a deep set of core values. What a stand up group.

I love a great turn around! And this is one to watch. You’ll see. Do me a favour, go into a Bennigan’s and talk to a franchisee that was at the conference. Nothing but excitement here!

Get Catering and Grow Sales! – That’s what’s going to help change the economics. This group really gets it.

Bennigan's Catering is going to be Legendary. Chicago first!

I am rooting for this group. They deserve to win! Paul “Bleeds Green from his Eyeballs!” – Quote by Paul Mangiamele, January 16, 2012.

A Turnaround Master - Listen and Learn
My eyes are wide open listening to this great leader