Travelin’ Brand by Sam Smith – Good Article about Restaurant Catering

Increase Catering Sales

The article “Travelin’ Brand” in the February Issue of Restaurant Business is very thoughtful.  As I have been pursuing the restaurant catering conversation for the last 16 years, I find it very refreshing to see other writers covering the subject matter.

So many of our customers and friends at MonkeyMedia Software and The MMS Catering Institute ask about the “size of the prize”.  While I am not convinced that the numbers presented in the article are perfectly defined, I think it is a great step towards helping our restaurant community understand the subtleties of the marketplace.

The following link will provide you with digital access to the article which begins on Page 47.

Great Job Sam Smith and kudos to Restaurant Business Magazine for providing coverage on such an important topic.

Was not going to post today…. but then I saw this.

I wasn’t going to post on my blog today until one of my team members sent me a thanksgiving video that Boloco made for their team.

When I saw it, it reminded me a lot of the same team spirit that we have at MonkeyMedia Software.  Then it dawned on me; [again] we all like to do business with like-minded people.  Thank you team Boloco for being such a nice group.  Great culture, great results.

If you need to feed a group this holiday season, they have a killer catering program.  Just call them at 1-855-265-6246 or simply email them at  Their catering specialists will ‘jump to the pump’ for you and yours!  Great Hospitatlity!  Great Food. Great People!