I’ve got To write 19 discussion papers! Please tell me your primary interest?

Ok…. I did commit to writing 19 more discussion papers to expand more on the concepts that I put forward in Get Catering and Grow Sales!

I’ve really got to get going; but, I really want to deliver these in a way that is interesting to others. Please let me know your thoughts by taking this poll on what topics are most important to you. I’ll leave this poll up for one week. (Friday, January 20, 2012).

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Preserving Brand Culture

I just love this article so much…… It just makes for such a fantastic story…. Talk about Brand Equity…. Good job Boudin!  Even though the article dates back to 1999, I just felt so compelled to put this back out there.

So many organizations, do so many great things…. this is an example of being able to maintain corporate culture, which is so critical to the success of our companies….. There is a lot to be Proud of in the article below….