Leadership in the Restaurant Industry is Inspiring!

As Founder and CEO at MonkeyMedia Software and the MMS Catering Institute, I get to spend my time learning from great leaders in the restaurant industry.  I am so inspired by the passion, diligence and resilience of the great people that are responsible for today’s stewardship of the restaurant industry.

I am so grateful the the many supporters of this project, and our plan to donate this legacy story to the industry as an education piece is well on track.  Check out Back To Basics.

Check out this podcast with Nate Riggs from Last week;


Also, check out these great photos from the project so far with Ron Shaich, Ed Rensi, Darren Tristano and Matthew Corrin.  Later in the year, we will be filming with Kat Cole, Dawn Sweeney, Paul Mangiamele,  Jim Vinz, Al Bhakta, Ari Weinzweig and Jon Luther Sr.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this project!

Mike Tyler getting his camera ready!
Matthew Corrin, CEO at Freshii getting ready for his segment.
Don Fox, CEO at Firehouse Subs shares is most regrettable Leadership Moment.



Saying thank you to Ron Shaich, Founder and CEO at Panera Bread after his very generous interview.
Darren Tristano, VP at Technomics, giving us an analysts perspective.


Ed Rensi
Ed Rensi, CEO at Famous Dave’s and Retired CEO of McDonald’s sharing great stories.


A film for anyone that has ever eaten at, worked in or run a restaurant! – Back To Basics

I’m getting ready for a two week road trip for my real job.  As CEO of MonkeyMedia Software.

Road trips are always tough, but worth it.  I get to work with our clients which is what I enjoy most in my professional life.  Fixing and improving businesses.  In my case, I use the strategy of off premise catering as my toolbox to help our clients.

But, that’s not why I am so excited.  No.

What has really got me excited, are the wonderful developments of our Documentary Film, Back to Basics.  The project is fantastic, the people are amazing and the vision is coming together beautifully.  I am not going to explain in this blog post.  But, I am posting a “DRAFT” of the film prospectus below.

It’s close to final, but I left it as a “DRAFT”, because every day, something new and exciting is happening with this project.  But, I can’t say more, YET!  Stay tuned and drop me a line when you read the prospectus here and let me know your thoughts.

This project is close to my heart, and based on where it is today, I am pinching myself!  Anything is possible!!! You just have to put your mind to it.  Thank you to everyone who is supporting this project.  Read the film prospectus by clicking on the link below.

Back To Basis Prospectus


Safe Travels!

Jim Vinz – An Outgoing Bread Head! – Another Great Leader!

In keeping with my theme of writing about great leadership in our multi-unit restaurant community, I want to take a minute out to celebrate another of our great leaders, Jim Vinz, the outgoing CEO of Corner Bakery.

Below is a video that I found, which I think really captures the essence of his culture and leadership. Just look at the smiles on his team’s faces and the certainty and confidence in their eyes. This is a team, that under his leadership experienced fantastic growth. He knows how to hire attitude!

Jim and I had breakfast recently at a Panera Bread and we had a fantastic discussion about our industry. He was so generous with me during our meeting. What strikes me about Jim is his personable style, his dedication to his community and his passion about his people. Jim has so much experience to share, is extremely open to learning and is really just a kind and generous human being. He works hard at resolving the issues he believes in and is a dedicated and trustworthy person. He is committed to No Kid Hungry and single handedly mobilized his people to raise $500,000 towards solving Childhood Hunger.

Last week, it was publicly announced that Jim is moving on to a new opportunity as Co-CEO of Le Groupe Leduff America. He will oversee La Madeleine, Bruegger’s Bagels, Green Mountain Coffee and Timothy’s Coffee.

I admire Jim for his dedication to our industry, his willingness to listen and more than anything, his commitment to his people and his brand. (He is leaving Corner Bakery after 16 years!).

If I were a betting man, I would put my money on Jim any day of the week. Le Groupe Leduff is very fortunate to get a leader of this calibre.

Good luck with your new venture Jim. You deserve all the success you receive.

Thanks for squeezing me in for our breakfast meeting last week an I hope we get to “Get Catering and Grow Sales!”

I should be so lucky!