Feed your Customers where they Live!

We have been working hard on our catering message these days.  Trying to help our restaurant community understand where our organization can create value.  It’s a full time job.

I am so proud of my team for the work that they do every single day at MonkeyMedia Software.  

Let me know what you think of the video below.  It’s the newest in our Live, Work & Play video series.

Let’s Talk Catering!

Is restaurant catering “killing the catering” industry? – A Conversation on LinkedIn

World on shoulders

I feel like I have the world on my shoulders!  

I posted a recent blog in a group on LinkedIn.  The title of the post was “How restaurant catering is changing the balance sheet of America”.

Well, here is what one group member posted about a day later.  From a caterer.  A very upset caterer!

“For the companies that are strictly off premises caterers – Restaurant Catering is a nightmare for us – their chefs have no idea how to cater, just like I have no idea how to run a restaurant. Everytime a client tells me about a disaster, it was from a restaurant trying to be a caterer. STOP YOU ARE KILLING OUR INDUSTRY!!”

– Anonymous LinkedIn Caterer

If you are interested in my responses and the conversation that ensued, check out this link here.

I am curious to hear your thoughts?  Do you think that restaurant catering is killing the catering industry?  

As a restaurateur, this comment makes me want to do catering even more!!  How about you?

The Catering Kid – How to Succeed in Catering

Are we ever having fun with Video these days at MonkeyMedia Software.  The Catering Kid is Back!  You can now follow him here on Twitter! Like him, catering is young.  He’s got some great advice on what you need to think about to be successful at feeding your customers where they Live, Work & Play!

Let me know if you enjoy the video.  Watch for the Catering Kid’s weekly episodes!