Professional Delivery Bikes – For Urban Restaurant Catering Deliveries

I’m always looking for cool restaurant catering ideas.

After all, at the MMS Catering Institute where we support MonkeyMedia Software with the implementation of MonkeyCatering, it’s world class restaurant catering technology, we have an obligation to share business improvement ideas with the 4000 restaurants currently using MonkeyCatering to increase sales and improve operations, when it comes to catering.

Our customers tell us that managing the logistics of deliveries can be challenging in these times of urban vehicle congestion. Not to mention the fact that acquiring typical delivery vans can be capital intensive and expensive to maintain.

In comes “Cargo Delivery Bikes”. I found these really cool products at one of our community trade shows. Here is a video that shows some options.

I spoke to the company’s representatives, and of course the cargo box can also be retro-fitted with shelving, coolers and hotboxes. The bikes are electric to help your catering delivery coordinators up hills as well. The cargo boxes themselves can be branded with your catering messages.

While this vehicle is not good for all catering deliveries out of restaurants, especially in rural communities, I can certainly see the benefits of using this kind of technology in congested urban centres. Lot’s of benefits to consider including savings on insurance, parking, fuel, repairs and good community marketing.

Get your company one to try out today!


A paradigm shift for growing catering sales in a franchise ecosystem


Growing restaurant catering sales inside a franchise ecosystem

Through my work at MonkeyMedia Software , I’m inspired to write this essay to address the ongoing confusion, distress, frustration and communication disconnect that I often see inside many franchise systems that I work with, when it comes to growing catering sales on top of current franchisee assets.

I feel obligated to share these thoughts with our restaurant community, because I have been very fortunate to not only come to understand the business challenges, but in fact, I have been given the opportunity to solve for these business challenges through my work in the restaurant industry.

 I am not trying to lay blame on these issues.  I simply wish to bring visibility to the reasons why I think things might be the way they are when it comes to growing catering sales, and I wish to propose a solution or perspective that perhaps we may not have considered.

 I hope you will send me your thoughts on the subject matter below.

There are no secrets, but intellectual property counts

It’s no big secret that the franchising model for growing restaurant companies continues to be a key driver in our industry. Just look around. Everyone is franchising. After all, who wouldn’t want to collect an ongoing annuity based royalty for the licensing of valuable intellectual property?  The restaurant industry is no different from the music industry, the movie industry or even the software industry.  It’s an industry full of creativity, processes, proprietary flavors and culture. It only makes good business sense to leverage those items  across the globe . At least, it looks that way on paper. It’s easy, right?  The plan is critical.

A franchisee is an important animal in the restaurant industry.  Why?

Read the whole essay here

Superteam Family!

Well, I’m back in Vancouver now.  Thinking about the week in front of me at MonkeyMedia Software.  Before I do that, I just want to take a minute to close the loop on my ‘in and out’ trip to the Midwest Last Week.

If you read my previous post, you will have learned that I was entering an ‘uncertain change process‘ for a 170 unit pizza chain that is family owned.  Been in business for 50 years.  5th generation.  Lot’s of history and water under the bridge.

I was anticipating a bit of an uphill battle towards strategic alignment on their catering program.  Just because of the family and team dynamics.  But I have to say, this was a super experience!


Well, to my good fortune, not only were they kind to me, they were incredibly creative, open minded and passionate.  Their willingness to succeed is obvious and to be honest, they just simply made my job easier.  Trust was high during our session and as I so often do, I just tried to listen and learn.  They have ALL the answers already.

I was so happy to see the commitment in the room.  Job well done!  I left on Friday feeling quite accomplished.  I love working with Family Businesses!

Well, that’s all for today.  Speak soon.