Ask your Team for Help During This Busy Catering Season


This is my 18th Holiday Season focused on takeout, delivery and catering at MonkeyMedia Software and The Catering Institute.  Even with all this experience behind me, I still get worked up when I’m helping in the kitchen, answering incoming calls and closing all the holiday business that I was hoping to write.  Why does everyone wait until the last minute to order their holiday meals!!

I’ve learned that it’s always been this way.  I have also learned that corporate catering sales only come in 48 weeks per year, and that the busy ramp up time between now and December 25th is temporary.  But boy, it is busy!  It can really be stressful, no matter how prepared you might be.

I have tried for years to prepare better, plan better and make sure that I am ready for the stress and anxiety associated with flawless execution at this time.  Even so, here is the one lesson that I have learned that is the most valuable of all.  And that is…..

Ask your team to help you!  You need them.  Do what it takes.  Buy them a cup of coffee.  Take them out for a meal.  Give them a hand written card.  Beg if you have to.  Shed tears if you must.  Scream, shout or just stand on your head.  You cannot do it alone.  So, learn how to ask for help!

Successful catering during this busy season requires support from your whole team.  Make sure you take the time out to tell them, and don’t be afraid to ask them for help.  Do it today!  Your customers will thank you for it.

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Food Safety in Catering – The Irish Way

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I was thinking about what would be an appropriate post for today, and then I found this great video on HACCP controls in the catering channel.  At MonkeyMedia Software’s Catering Institute, we are always hunting for great catering material that our restaurant community can use in their operations.

It was made by the food safety authority of Ireland.

Seems that we can learn a thing or two from the Irish!  Enjoy!

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Was not going to post today…. but then I saw this.

I wasn’t going to post on my blog today until one of my team members sent me a thanksgiving video that Boloco made for their team.

When I saw it, it reminded me a lot of the same team spirit that we have at MonkeyMedia Software.  Then it dawned on me; [again] we all like to do business with like-minded people.  Thank you team Boloco for being such a nice group.  Great culture, great results.

If you need to feed a group this holiday season, they have a killer catering program.  Just call them at 1-855-265-6246 or simply email them at  Their catering specialists will ‘jump to the pump’ for you and yours!  Great Hospitatlity!  Great Food. Great People!