Save The Date June 6,2013 – Chicago Restaurant Catering Workshop


Join the MMS Catering Institute TM Team for a one-day Catering Sales Management Certification (CSM) workshop on June 6th, 2013 in beautiful Downtown Chicago. This workshop is open to restaurant executives and management teams looking to develop their catering programs and drive real results through improved operations and increased sales.

The CSM course was developed to educate and engage your catering leadership team on managing successful catering operations. This workshop will outline key Catering Sales Management initiatives to realize maximum sales potential.

Curriculum will focus on:page1image11520

Canvassing and Lead Generation • Consultative Selling Techniques
• Effective Cold Calling Tactics

• Buyer Types and Motives for Purchasing

• Sales Meetings that Make Sense
• A Day in the Life of a Catering Sales Manager

This workshop will be filled with representatives from many different restaurant brands and will offer a unique opportunity to learn, participate in real world practice scenarios and network with fellow industry members during our networking lunch.

Date: Thursday, June 6th, 2013
Place and Time: TBA, (Downtown Chicago)
Cost: $249.95* each for up to 3 attendees ($199.95* for 4 or more from the same company)

Register for this invaluable workshop, and send an email to










Contact Tracy Avolio, Sr. Catering Analyst at the Catering Institute.
Phone: 1-877-6-MONKEY ext. 127 | Email:

To learn more about the services, certification, workshops and resources offered by the Catering Institute, or to request a catering assessment for your restaurant, please contact us via phone or email.

Let’s talk catering.

* Course materials and a catered lunch will be provided. Travel expenses not included.



Need Catering Sales? Learn to Close from “The Bronzer” – Stu Larkin

Someone on my team at MonkeyMedia Software sent me this fantastic mini-documentary about a great sales guy.  He’s always “closing”.  Send it to your catering sales managers.  They’ll love it!

It’s basic, simple and true.  I love the part in the middle where he talks about his different closing techniques…. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  At the very least, call Stu to bronze your shoes!

Stu Larkin is a dying breed: one of the last traveling salesmen left in America. He travels the country taking orders for bronzed baby shoes, which has been a popular American tradition for over 80 years. This short documentary follows a quirky and passionate character as he provides a rare insight into his craft, human nature and small town Americana.




Building Catering Sales with Social Media – Dan Kim, Founder of Red Mango

At MonkeyMedia Software’s Catering Institute we are ALWAYS looking for ways to help our restaurant community grow catering sales.

Truth is, I am so lucky as CEO of MonkeyMedia Software mostly because I get to collaborate with the most talented and generous people in our industry!  So, you can imagine how proud I am to announce our special guest for our upcoming webinar!

Our “Catering Makes Sense” Webinar Series has been growing and growing!  Hundreds of people attend our webinars each and every time.  Well, coming on February 6th, 2013, we have a wonderful social media opportunity!  Please join us!

Hear Dan Kim speak about a social media strategy to grow catering sales!
Hear Dan Kim speak about a social media strategy to grow catering sales!

If you’d like to register, or you have a team member who would like to register, just follow this link:

REGISTER HERE TODAY…..But hurry!  There are only 75 seats left!

 I have always maintained that the all aspects of our restaurant operations will “collide” with the catering and off premise sales channels as the market changes and grows.  That’s a good thing!

I am firmly believe in using Social Media as a tool to grow sales, as I have in my own business.  The content that I create continues to provide a creative outlet which is so important for my own personal development process.  Now that I have been using my own social media strategy and the dividends have paid off, not only do I understand the tools better, but I am certain of the Return on Investment.  Social Media is an important strategy for any brand.

And so, just like every other sales channel, Social Media can drive catering customers to your brand in ways that as a community, we have not even begun to explore yet.

It is with great pride, that I get to send this invitation today for you to register your teams for our upcoming Webinar on February, 6, 2013 at 3PM EST.

“Catering to Social Media” with Special Guest, Dan Kim, Founder at Red Mango Yogurt.  Check out Dan’s Twitter page @dankimredmango or @monkeymedia for more…….

If you’d like to register, or you have a team member who would like to register, just follow this link:

REGISTER HERE TODAY…..But hurry!  There are only 75 seats left!

I hope to see you there!


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