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Restaurant Catering Leadership Workshop in New Orleans – March 9 & 10, 2016

UnknownDuring 2016, I will celebrate my 20th year as the Founder and CEO at both The Catering Institute & MonkeyMedia Software.  We continue to grow.  Today, almost 6000 restaurants use our technology to power their takeout, delivery and catering operations.  We have processed billions of dollars of transactions and we have 10 of thousands of users.  I am so proud of my team and so grateful to do the work that I do each and every day.

At the Catering Institute, our training products also continues to evolve.  I am so grateful to our ongoing sponsors for their support which allow us to put these events on for restaurant operators.  PepsiCo Foodservice, Punchh, and Voice Teleservices to name just a few.

On October 13, 2015 we hosted our second Catering Sales Management Workshop in Dallas and the results were fantastic!  More than 150 attendees from 100 different brands gathered for a day of sales training and learning. Check out the video here.


I am proud to announce our next workshop topic in our series.  Restaurant Catering Leadership Development.

Our community needs an incredible amount of support when it comes to catering out of our restaurants and developing leaders remains a key passion and initiative forward for our organization.  I hope you will attend, or at least have someone from your organization join us in New Orleans.

Please join us in New Orleans on March 9 & 10th, 2016 for two full days packed with activities, learning and networking with some of the industry’s best minds when it comes to the off-premise business channel for restaurants.

To register for this intimate and limited attendance event, visit http://www.restaurantcateringleader.com or feel free to reach out directly to me at 604-831-7422 with any questions.

Early Bird Discount available until December 31, 2015.


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Why servant leadership is crucial for a successful restaurant catering program

I know, I know, I go on a lot about leadership.  You are probably tired of hearing me already!  The thing is, as I continue this incredible journey as the founder and CEO of MonkeyMedia Software, I am just so lucky to meet so many amazing leaders. Great leaders, with great ideas, teams and execution. So, this got me thinking about my own leadership abilities. After all, my job is to serve my team at MonkeyMedia Software.

 I work with a lot of restaurant brands at the C-level to help them get more comfortable with their off-premise service strategy. In every successful case, there is always someone driving the catering operation that lives and breathes catering all day long. 24/7/365

While this catering leadership is crucial to the success of your catering program, it’s even more crucial that the C-level brand leaders serve these new “catering stakeholders.”

Without the support structure in place at the highest level of your organization, mid-level managers and front-line employees at the store-level will have a hard time carrying out the mission of your catering strategy. They just won’t be able to succeed and deliver results.

Top line leaders must not only be supportive, they must live to serve their team members and set them up for success in catering, just like any other business channel.  Never lose sight of the big picture, and make sure that you wake up every day to serve your off-premise stakeholders if you want to realize positive results in your catering business.

Servant leadership works!

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