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Great Service Gets Them Coming Back

So, tonight I had an opportunity to visit Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill in Addison, Texas.

Truth is, we had a mediocre experience at their steak house a few nights earlier so I was a bit gun shy about going to their other location.

Well, I must say, the food and wine were great. Much better than the steak house.

However, the evening was really made by this guy named Blake! Just a great server.


He made a point of going the extra mile to make sure our group was happy. He is a pro! Knows his stuff!

Give me the service guy every time. Attitude cannot be taught. Blake is an exemplary fellow of what makes our industry so amazing. It’s all about guys like Blake.

Thanks for a great night Blake! Oh, and the wine? Well, what can I say, that was great as well! But I’ll be honest, I’m coming back only on a night when Blake is on Shift.

Nice job Richard Chamberlain. Give Blake a raise! He deserves it!


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I’ve got To write 19 discussion papers! Please tell me your primary interest?

Ok…. I did commit to writing 19 more discussion papers to expand more on the concepts that I put forward in Get Catering and Grow Sales!

I’ve really got to get going; but, I really want to deliver these in a way that is interesting to others. Please let me know your thoughts by taking this poll on what topics are most important to you. I’ll leave this poll up for one week. (Friday, January 20, 2012).

Thanks for helping

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